Sellmaster has contributed to the success of a number of renowned businesses. Below are some of the assignments we have carried out.


Challenge: Provide training to 2,500 employees

How do you train so many people quickly, effectively and – most importantly – in a way that ensures the participants’ knowledge is sustainable? We carried out the assignment using our Mobile Academy solution.

“The implementation rate of our training courses has gone from 1-5% to about 90%. That is exceptional.”.
Dennis Karlsson, Project Manager Learning & Development at Telia Company AB.


Challenge: Analysis and review of the sales organisation

Together with the customer, we developed a structure and created discipline and fitting processes which were lacking previously.

After developing a fitting sales process, we exceeded our sales objectives by 40% last year.”.
Johan Petersen, Sales Manager at Bonnier Business Media.


Challenge: A continually expanding portfolio placed new demands on effectiveness

Sellmaster trained UC’s sales professionals and sharpened their sales and negotiating techniques. We also developed new working methods.

“We are now able to trace what works well and what does not work optimally in our sales efforts. This means we know exactly what we should focus on to increase sales.”.
Niklas Malmsten, Sales Manager at UC.


Challenge: Implement an effective and uniform sales process

Sellmaster developed a new sales process, a new budget process and continuous training.

“Sellmaster’s Johan Fridsell gave us a fresh look and an experienced sounding board, which helped us to thoroughly document and structure our sales efforts in Meritmind even more. We expect to further streamline our Stockholm office and we particularly look forward to continue these efforts at our regional offices, so that we all can work with a uniform sales process.”
Patrik Kvarnlind, Sales Manager at Meritmind