To deal with changes and achieve new goals is a challenging process for any sales organisation. We work with companies that have decided that they must act, and want to develop and increase revenue by structurally increasing their business skills.

Sellmaster enables you to develop your skills and competencies in new ways, which leads to increasing sales.

Our method is designed to deliver results.

To begin with, we analyse what your organisation specifically needs to achieve the goals that have been set up and we create a tailor-made action plan. All processes are then continuously monitored and driven towards goals that can be measured.
We create structures that provide the means to plan, manage, teach and train sales organisations. These structures will also help develop reliable forecasts for optimizing other parts of your organisation, such as warehousing, logistics and purchasing.

The Course

We have identified how the most successful sales organisations operate. We have analysed interviews with CEOs and top sales professionals within a wide range of business areas and identified what makes them successful. We added our own long-standing experience in sales and business development and combined it with inspiration from the best international business leaders. Read more about the course contents here.


Research supports the idea that repetition over time will lead to sustainable knowledge. On average, it takes 66 days to establish new behaviour. Our approach is therefore based on the idea that course participants receive our training during a longer period of time. Knowledge is provided in “chunks” with tests and repetitions in both classroom meetings and our virtual tools. Our training method is based on one of the largest research studies about learning, making it a very effective approach.


We know our concept works and can therefore guarantee that we achieve the objectives set.